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The Worst Christmas Song Ever

When challenged to evoke the holiday spirit, Johnny imagines dark times and sour notes. Let’s face it, Christmas sucks for a lot of people. Play it loud.

This Anti-Christmas song is the perfect addition to your “pre-family dinner” or “post family dinner escape plan” playlist. Other suggested uses: Give your partner a heads up that they aren’t getting anything nice this year.

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Co-written by Shellie Lewis
Produced by The Haunted

Christmas is here
Its been a year
Since you been gone
Times moving on
I’m moving on
Mrs St Nick please bless all my niggas cuz bitches ain’t shit
& if I ain’t rich by Christmas fuck it ima go out like this
Egg nog & whiskey she don’t miss me
I sit back and reminisce
I’ll be alone on December 25th but fuck it at least I’m saving money on gifts
Last year when we were under a mistletoe
You said a kiss is forever bit don’t remember though
Fast forward my heart is torn and blood is low
The three words that saved my life
: Fuck it though

For Christmas I wanna be over you
For Christmas I wanna be over you
We’re done. I get it now. Trust me.
We’re done. I get it now. Trust me.

I used to watch you while you slept
I crept. I creep. Sneaky baby on some TLC.
Red light. Get some tree to get my head right. Yeah right.
You can blame it all on me just like you always do.
Its my fault for letting myself fall for you.
When life hands you lemons, don’t be surprised.
Just squirt that shit right back in that bitches eyes.

For Christmas I wanna be over you.
For Christmas I wanna be over you.
Bah humbug merry fucking Christmas.

Director / DP – Shellie Lewis
Editor – Johnny Polygon
Post – Shellie Lewis