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Norman Music Festival – Saturday April 25th

We’re so excited! Johnny Polygon has been added to the Norman Music Festival main stage. If you haven’t heard of NMF before, all you need to know is it’s outdoors, the stages are great, and its FREE! Theres going to be non-stop music from Thursday April 23-Saturday April 25th.

Come through and get your festival on in Johnny’s home state of Oklahoma. He’s putting together a super special show and a huge backing band, set to play his set during sunset on Saturday April 25th at 6:30 PM. You’re not going to want to miss this set.

Anyone within a drivable distance should come, hang out, and meet up with Johnny Polygon and the gang. We’re looking at you, Kansas, illinois, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado — it’s gunna be a crazy weekend. Come party with us.

We’re even brewing a daytime house on Sunday, the day after the festival ends so all the people traveling into town have a second chance to come and kick it, listen to new tunes and watch us screen print your new merch! Stay tuned for RSVP for the Sunday daytime party, but there’s no RSVP or tickets needed for the festival. See you there!

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Whoops, dropped an album

Yesterday, Johnny announced that he was making 60 CD copies of a new music project entitled Water Damage available for pre order (Ships March 16). 40 copies were already reserved by #johntourage subscribers. No track listing is available. In an hour all 100 copies were spoken for. We didn’t even save a copy for ourselves. A lot of people spoke up about missing out and it wasn’t too late to change the order with the manufacturer, so 100 more copies were made available. That’s it. No digital. Why? Because it’s an actual surprise. What kind of person spoils surprises? Get it now if you want to own this. These will be numbered.


All of the registered monthly #Johntourage members are getting the album along with some extras in a package and have already been considered. No need for those of you who are a part of the monthly #Johntourage to order again (unless you want 2 copies) if your account started or renews between Feb 21st and March 21st. As always, the monthly#Johntourage members have first dibbs on everything, which is why there are fewer of these available for everyone else. If you want to make sure you can always get what’s coming out before it sells out, join the team. There’s a fuckload of good shit dropping this spring/summer including another brand new album i love you, goodnight. If this is any indication, limited runs go quick. Thanks to the#Johntourage for making these projects possible.

– @communistspy

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Pop Up Shows – Coming to a City Near You

Valentines weekend kicked off with a live album preview at Live Astro. You know we had to get the party started right — first stop, alchohol.


It was a great turn out and all registered Johntourage got in free.


But we didn’t stop there. We had time to continue on to Arizona for a last minute show. Some johntourage brought the whole fan through. For those who couldnt stay or get in due to their youngness, thanks for picking up merch out of the trunk!


Where to next? We are currently planning US and European tour dates for late spring/early summer. If you work at a bar or venue and would like to bring Johnny there, holler at management –

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Custom Johntourage Pillows for the Team

After Johnny posted a picture with him laying on the love sick pillows I made for him, he got a ton of requests from people wanting a set for themselves. So for February, we decided to make the pillow cases a merch item for the Johntorage for February. For a very limited time, this item is available in the merch store.

Johnny Polygon - Love Sick Pillows

It’s been sick seeing how people ended up styling these pillows in their homes. I had no idea how popular they’d be, but I ended up sewing all month! We know some people can’t commit to the monthly johntourage dues, so the pillows are being made available in the store as a one off for a limited time (for as long as I feel like sewing them).

Send us your pics, we want to see how you used them. Or, tweet @johnnypolygon or instagram @sirjohnpol #johntourage and

This was a really dope merch DIY project that allowed Johnny to touch every piece. Johnny Polygon prints, and I sew. I even got him to try a few stitches. Because of the Johntourage we’re able to explore new and exciting ways of transcribing the music visually. Thanks guys!

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Arizona Album Preview

Thanks to the amazing response at the LA album preview & the awesome support of The Johntourage, I’ll be previewing my new album “I Love You, Goodnight.” live in Tempe, AZ Tuesday February 17th at the Yucca Tap Room. There’s no cover so bring money to buy shit. Show starts at 10 pm.


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New Singles Available – Tokyo Bang, Dead Meat

Two singles are available for download here. Free or pay what you can. Thanks for your support. Feel free to duplicate and share with others.

Suggested Price: $1.00 Set Price

TOKYO BANG: From the cutting room for the album, The Nothing. This one almost made the cut but a favorite nonetheless.  Should we add this to an extended version re-release?


Suggested Price: $1.00 Set Price

DEAD MEAT: From the upcoming album, I Love You, Goodnight. You can hear this live in Los Angeles on February 13.  You can get tickets for that here. And, if you’re a registered #Johntourage member, then you’ll be able to come to this show for free! Just make sure your #Johntourage membership is current and bring your ID. Will call and comped lists are at the door.

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Live in Los Angeles – Feb 13

We’re celebrating having the DARE shirt available at Live Astro on Melrose with a party.


Thanks to Live Astro for hooking up the sick space. They made it possible for us to comp registered johntourage members free. Purchase any merchandise and an enter free or $10 to support the music.

info –
friday night –  feb 13 @ live astro
7303 melrose avenue, los angeles
come all, 10PM – 12AM • $10
registered Johntourage $free
LIMITED CAPACITY (50)  Presale Available Now

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[Music Video & Download] The Fall

Just started working on the music videos for my upcoming album, I Love You, Goodnight. starting with this one, for my single, “The Fall” and decided to get this one out asap. Thanks for supporting the song, everyone. You can download it here if you haven’t already.

– Johnny

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The Worst Christmas Song Ever

When challenged to evoke the holiday spirit, Johnny imagines dark times and sour notes. Let’s face it, Christmas sucks for a lot of people. Play it loud.

This Anti-Christmas song is the perfect addition to your “pre-family dinner” or “post family dinner escape plan” playlist. Other suggested uses: Give your partner a heads up that they aren’t getting anything nice this year.

Click Here To Download (Free or Donation)

Co-written by Shellie Lewis
Produced by The Haunted

Christmas is here
Its been a year
Since you been gone
Times moving on
I’m moving on
Mrs St Nick please bless all my niggas cuz bitches ain’t shit
& if I ain’t rich by Christmas fuck it ima go out like this
Egg nog & whiskey she don’t miss me
I sit back and reminisce
I’ll be alone on December 25th but fuck it at least I’m saving money on gifts
Last year when we were under a mistletoe
You said a kiss is forever bit don’t remember though
Fast forward my heart is torn and blood is low
The three words that saved my life
: Fuck it though

For Christmas I wanna be over you
For Christmas I wanna be over you
We’re done. I get it now. Trust me.
We’re done. I get it now. Trust me.

I used to watch you while you slept
I crept. I creep. Sneaky baby on some TLC.
Red light. Get some tree to get my head right. Yeah right.
You can blame it all on me just like you always do.
Its my fault for letting myself fall for you.
When life hands you lemons, don’t be surprised.
Just squirt that shit right back in that bitches eyes.

For Christmas I wanna be over you.
For Christmas I wanna be over you.
Bah humbug merry fucking Christmas.

Director / DP – Shellie Lewis
Editor – Johnny Polygon
Post – Shellie Lewis