Johnny Polygon – Licensing Sample Catelogue

We have content music placement needs. Contact management [Shellie Lewis] for licensing rates.

Below are samples of the Johnny Polygon catalog for licensing broken down by popular categories. His public catalogue is available on his iTunes or Soundcloud page. Additional unreleased tracks, stems, and modified/edited versions with/without vocals or partial vocals are all available upon request.

For more info, contact [Shellie Lewis] 424-280-626Four


  • Lovesick: Bitter, First Loves, Toxic
  • Downgrade: Fed Up, Breakups, Cheating, Affairs, Happier Solo and Feeling Yourself
  • Forehead: Mean Girls, Not a Good Look, Holding Grudges, Girl Fight, Cheating, Relationship Gone Wrong, a solo of the gang vocal alone could also be about plastic surgery
    Hook” Don’t be mad, that’s bad for your forehead.”


  • Communist Spy: New Love, Feeling Empowered, Confidence, Swept of Your Feet, Coupling, Awesome Harmonies
    Hook: “Don’t call us dumb, we’re just in love. I can do anything because, I’ve got you baby, yeah. I’m bullet proof (bow bow bow bow) [2x]”
  • Kosher: Contentment, New Love, Chilling, Missing You, Cheating/Affairs
  • Whoa Is Me: Love Song (sorta), Promises, Going Through the Motions, Revising Old Relationships
  • Waiting: Sleepy, Lullaby, Apocalyptic Swan Song, Longing, New Love, All In, Chilliin’, Atmospheric, Moody, Long Goodbyes, All-In Relationship
  • Handle My Wasted: Drinking, Partying, One Night Stand
  • Fuckin Awesome: Copious Dating Choices, Non-committal, Forever Alone
  • Normal: One Night Stand, New Love “She says she knows this life, I say think I’ll call her bluff when i wake up I’m out my mind, she’s out her clothes,.I’ll assume and suppose it’s normal.”


  • Weirdo: Feeling Yourself, Comfortable in Your Own Skin, Sing Along,
    Hook: “It’s good to be peculiar. Don’t let it let it phase you. The wold will try to change you. Keep doing you, weirdo. The things that you make you different are the things that make you special.” note useful outtro chant:”There’s a reason you are here, trust me stay weird.”
  • Normal: Unsure, Coming of Age, 4:20 friendly, Easy Going, Floating Along, Stoner vibes, Outcast Hook, New Love Note: lots of weed talk at the beginning. Goes into relationships and life after first 00:01:00.
  • Ugly: Confident, Struttin’, Club, Getting Ready to Go Out, Entering a Party/Event
    Hook: I’m so beautiful I’m fuckin’ Ugly. Fuck me, I’m a super model, yeah
  • Mr No Friends: Loner, Walk to the Drum of Your Own Beat, Love Lost, No Fucks Given, Steadfast in Their Individualisim.


  • The Fall: Mistakes, Bad Love, Coming of Age, Overcoming Obstacles, Moody, Millenial problems.
  • Complicated: Life is Complicated. Lyrically all inclusive songs about complicated situations.
  • Christian Girls: Perverting Good Girls, Innocence Lost, Undercover Bad Girls, Mobbin’, Girls Going Out, Away from the Parents, Sneaking Out
    Hook: Christian girls that dance like hoes. (repeat 4x w/ ad libs)
  • The Other F Word: This song is about Fame, Popularity, Getting Swept Away, Paranoia


  • Purple Mess: Relationship ending, Sadness, Giving Up, Rebirth, Moody, Dark
  • Waiting: In Love, Waiting by the Phone, Satisfied, Slow, Dreamy, Etherial, Chillax Production
  • Stupid Li(f)e: Melodic, Great for walking around or walking around scenes, Coming of Age, Discovering Oneself, Chillax
    Hook: Although it’s not a lie, I’m holding onto my sex drugs and suicide. I love my stupid life. The world will never see what truly inspires me.”
  • Invincible: Party too Hard, Hangover, Morning Regrets, Vices, 20 something feelings of invincibility
  • Sir John Pol’s Exit: Who are your real friends, Questioning Love, Breakups, Piano, Moody, Goodbye, Confusion


  • My Shit: Hook” Rollin down the street bumpin My Shit”
    Mobbin, Car rides, Cruisin, Going Out, Hittin the Streets
  • Too Soon: Rise & Grind, About to tackle the day, No Fucks Given, Owning It
  • Super No Lye: Perm, Claiming Your Girlfriend, On Top of Your Game, Confidence, Unfuckwittable
  • Handle My Wasted: Club Night, Drinking, Partying, One Night Stand


  • Super No Lye: Braggadocios rap verses. Heavy Beat.
  • Swisher Song: Millennial DJ Track, Music Festival, Hitting the Scene, Rage, New Love, Bad Love
    Hook: “Sex Sugar Swisher Sweet. Just a couple of my Favorite Things would be my only thing. Just a couple of my favorite things could be my only thing.”
  • Black Jesus: Raging, Party, Painting the City Red, No fucks
    “Smoking on that ooh wee turning water into liquor. Jesus is my Nigga. yeah Jesus is my Nigga.