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[New York]: JP On Live TV

Are you local to New York City, Brooklyn or Queens? Come through a live TV taping of Johnny Polygon at BRIC on 3/30. You must RSVP for tickets and the doors are closed at 7:30. Come join us to celebrate a first for Johnny with his first live TV performance. He’ll be accompanied by a full live band and there will also be interviews in between songs.


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3 New Shows Coming Up!

3 new shows were added to Johnny’s concert schedule. New York and Oklahoma, come celebrate The Nothing’s 4 year anniversary. Johnny’s performing the entire album from front to back. The currently sold out The Nothing is being rereleased with additional songs.¬†Come party!

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Spring Shows Announced


It’s all happening. Tulsa Oklahoma is getting a double dose of Johnny Polygon starting with a killer party at his favorite venue, The Yeti for his St. Patty’s blackout show. Obviously this one is 21+.

Fear not, under age #johntourage, there’s a show coming up at Tulsa Overground for you at the vanguard. All ages, don’t miss your chance this is the first all ages show in the area in years.